Guide to Hourly Rates

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Guide to Hourly Charge Rates

Where possible, we will provide you with a written fee for service fee estimate based on the expected time taken to perform the scope of work. As a guide to the experience level of the professionals working on your situation, our hourly charge rates are tiered as follows:

Resource / PersonnelRate (Ex. GST)Rate (Inc. GST)
Senior Financial & Credit Adviser$290 per hour$319 per hour
Senior Business & Commercial Adviser$290 per hour$319 per hour
Financial Adviser$210 per hour$231 per hour
Credit Adviser$210 per hour$231 per hour
Business & Commercial Adviser$210 per hour$231 per hour
Technical Adviser$210 per hour$231 per hour
Banking & Finance Administrator$140 per hour$154 per hour
Senior Administration Support$130 per hour$143 per hour
Client Administration Support$110 per hour$121 per hour

In order to provide a fully transparent service for clients, all time spent working on your file by relevant staff is accurately logged in our proprietary workflow management system, HPlan. This enables us to transparently provide you with detailed reports showing you when and where time has been spent on your file. These reports are always available to you upon request.

At regular intervals during the advice process (usually at the end of each stage of the advice process), we may provide you with a ‘CEA Update’ which provides you with updated fee estimates. It also reconciles our original fee estimate for the relevant stage of the advice process against the time actually spent to date on your file, along with a reconciliation of amounts paid or written off by HFS to date and the residual amount to be paid. This provides a transparent and fair basis for any fee discussions that may arise.

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Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding how our fee structure would apply to your specific situation, please feel free to Contact Us.