Product & Service Commissions

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Product & Service Commissions

Where financial service commissions are received from products and services put in place under the Australian Financial Services & Credit Licence (AFS&CL 324390) held by HFG, they are credited against your client file to offset the ‘Cost of Engagement’. To see an example of how this operates – Click Here.

The following table outlines the typical range for commissions paid for the various product types.

Product TypeUp-front CommissionOngoing Commission
Property Syndication1.1% - 5.5% p.a.0% - 1.1% p.a.
Retail Superannuation0.55%1.1% p.a.
Investment Portfolio Management0.55%1.1% p.a.
Instalment Investment / Tax Planning / Debt RecyclingUp to 1.5% of Loan AmountUp to 1.65% p.a.
Debt Financing0% - 0.715% p.a.0% - 0.275% p.a.
InsuranceBetween 0% & 125% of the first year's premiumBetween 0% & 33% of the renewal premium
OtherAs disclosed in the SOAAs disclosed in the SOA

The above commissions include GST and will be accurately disclosed in % and $ terms in your Financial Review and/or SOA document(s).

All upfront and ongoing commissions will be credited to your file and may be used to offset the cost of future advice and ongoing service, thereby reducing the requirement for invoicing. All Commission and Fee Offsets (upfront, ongoing or transaction commissions, adviser fees, brokerage, trail or any form of product fees) received by us are recorded as a non-refundable, non-rebateable credit to your file.

We forecast future commission and fee offsets (Forecast Commissions) anticipated for products that you currently have in place and future commission and fee offsets (Prospective Commissions) for products that we anticipate recommending. We may defer invoicing in consideration of Forecast and Prospective Commissions at our discretion. We reserve the right to subsequently invoice any deferred invoicing (due to Forecast or Prospective Commissions) at our discretion.

Commissions and Fee Offsets that are clawed back by product providers will be debited from your file and you are responsible for arranging alternative payment where your client file is in deficit.

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