Our Transparent Fee Structure

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Fee Structure Overview

At Harts Financial Solutions, we believe that good advice should pay for itself. Our advice documents include an ‘Outcomes Benefit Statement’ which articulates any financial benefits (not investment returns) derived by the client from our advice. Our objective is to provide you with a minimum return of 300% of your ‘Out of Pocket’ advice fees within 3 years of engaging our services.

Any ‘Out of Pocket’ cost for the advice is calculated as follows:

Cost of Engagement

We primarily provide advice on a ‘fee for service’ basis, so you are typically only invoiced for the professional time incurred in providing your advice.

Below is a guide to the various fees that may be charged for the different aspects of our professional services. Because every client’s situation is different, the fees detailed below cover all types of situations and therefore may not all be applicable to your own situation. It is important to note that fees will be individually estimated for you and will be fully disclosed in your Client Service Agreement and Cost & Disclosure Statements.

Should you disengage the Advice Process at any time after engaging our services, you will only be charged for the time incurred in working on your file.

Fees and charges for the various stages of the Advice Process are as follows:

Other Service Fees:

Commissions Received

Where financial service commissions are received from products and services put in place under the Australian Financial Services & Credit Licence (AFS&CL 324390) held by HFG, they are credited against your client file to offset the ‘Cost of Engagement’. This fee structure is highly transparent, clearly demonstrates that our focus is on strategy and advice, not commissions and products, and reaffirms our commitment to act in your best interests.

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