Ongoing Financial Review Service Fee

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Ongoing Financial Review Service Fee

We will contact you on a quarterly basis to make sure we stay up to date with any changes to your financial situation. Should there be any material changes, we will arrange a review meeting and depending on your requirements we can issue an updated Client Snapshot Report or Financial Review. We will provide you with a Cost & Disclosure Statement outlining the scope of the proposed engagement and the estimated cost to complete.

You are encouraged to meet with us at least annually to conduct a review of your situation. The frequency of reviews depends on the complexity of your situation and the level of involvement that you would like us to have in monitoring your situation. Depending on the level of changes in circumstances, goals & objectives or strategy, we offer the appropriate review types as follows:

  • Review Meeting & Notes
  • Update Client Snapshot Reports, Review Meeting & Notes
  • Comprehensive Ongoing Financial Review

This process is very similar to your initial Financial Review, however it usually takes significantly less time to complete due to our familiarity with your financial situation and having already analysed and addressed the majority of the issues and opportunities. Ongoing Financial Review Fees are quoted on a fee for service estimate basis and these fees will be set out for you in a Cost & Disclosure Statement.

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