CSA & Cost Disclosure Statement

Our Transparent Fee Structure

Client Service Agreement (CSA) and Cost & Disclosure Statement Fee Estimates

After the Initial Assessment Consultation we will provide you with a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The Client Service Agreement outlines the terms of the engagement, initial scope of work and estimated hourly based fees through a Cost & Disclosure Statement.

Since no two client situations are ever exactly the same, fee estimates are made on the basis of the time that your Adviser estimates is necessary to complete the agreed scope of work. Given that it is impossible to foresee issues within your financial situation prior to commencing work on your file, rather than charging a ‘fee buffer’, we estimate fees based on our experience with similar clients.

In order to provide a fully transparent service for clients, all time spent working on your file by relevant staff is accurately logged in our proprietary workflow management system, HPlan. This enables us to transparently provide you with detailed reports showing you when and where time has been spent on your file. These reports are always available to you upon request.

During the engagement we continually update the scope of work and estimated budgeted time remaining to complete the work. Should the updated estimated engagement exceed the agreed Cost & Disclosure Statement we will seek your agreement to continue the engagement through a Supplementary Cost & Disclosure Statement.

The Cost & Disclosure Statement will break the services you would like us to perform into different bodies of work referred to as projects. Each project will be further broken down into pipelines which contain a series of tasks.

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